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The Future of Passwords

Ian Rhodes - InTechnology

Ian Rhodes, Divisional Director of Platform Management at InTechnology, concludes his trilogy of password blogs with a look to the future; with developments such as password tattoos being showcased, what will be the next big thing in authentication? Ian also discusses the role of the smartphone, and its potential to act as a third authentication method when properly secured. Read full blog »

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Project Prism – do you know where your data is?

Stefan Haase InTechnology

Commentary on the Prism Project revelation, in particular Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing, is rife within mainstream media. But what does this mean for data centres and hosting? It is important, in the wake of this news, that CIOs pay attention to what happens to their data after it is sent into the Cloud. Stefan Haase outlines key questions to ask your data centre provider to ensure the privacy of your data. Read full blog »

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Twitter Hacks and the case for Two-factor Authentication

Ian Rhodes - InTechnology

Following on from his last blog on voicemail password protection, Ian Rhodes – Divisional Director of Platform Management – discusses reports that Twitter is to introduce a two factor authentication process in order to improve security. In the wake of a number of high profile account hacks, could two factor authentication be the security solution the social networking site desperately needs? Read full blog »

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Improving Voicemail Password Protection

Ian Rhodes - InTechnology

Ian Rhodes, Divisional Director of InTechnology, discusses Ofcom’s recent report into the password habits of UK users. The results do not bode well for the security of corporate voicemails, with hackers using advanced software to tap into these voicemails in attempt to hijack the line and make international calls. Ian sheds light on a number of steps businesses should take towards improving their password policies. Read full blog »

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Everyone needs a backup, even NASA

Stefan Haase InTechnology

Stray cosmic rays have led to the Mars Rover having to rely on its backup computer, which will spend weeks retrieving the data the robot has been collecting from the red planet. The story throws into sharp relief the need for organisations to invest in robust backup systems to protect essential data. Read full blog »

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PCI: Don’t end up paying the price of non-compliance

Roy Farrow - InTechnology

As a result of the recent security breach in which details of an estimated 1.5 million payment cards were stolen, the card payment processor Global Payments was dropped from Visa’s compliant providers registry. The incident throws a spotlight on the complexity of maintaining PCI compliance, particularly when you’re having to hand over some of your processes to a third party. After the breach Global Payments CEO, Paul R Garcia, said, “This will make us better – this will make PCI better”. Read full blog »

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Backup and recovery: 3 problems and a solution

Stefan Haase InTechnology

74% of organisations are “not very confident” they could fully restore their systems or data after an IT failure. That’s the finding of the recent European Disaster Recovery Survey 2011 sponsored by IT group EMC and based on answers from 1,750 IT bosses in nine European countries. Read full blog »

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Barriers to the Cloud – what’s holding companies back?

Stefan Haase InTechnology

A recent survey from Norway on the uptake of Cloud Computing cited 91% of public sector and 83% of private sector respondents as indicating “maintaining control over data and security to prevent data being compromised by third parties” as a primary concern when making the move to Cloud-based services. Read full blog »

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The US Patriot Act: Who’s looking at YOUR data?

Phil Hambly - InTechnology

Recent data compliance examples from Google and Microsoft have highlighted the significant vulnerabilities with Cloud service providers who data hosting services are based outside the UK. This may not provide sufficient control over where your data is actually stored, it has implications related to data protection, and may expose your data to scrutiny by the US government. Read full blog »

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Data and information – your legal obligations

Stefan Haase InTechnology

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (“FOIA”) came into force on 1st January 2005 and gave the public new rights of access to recorded information held by public authorities – and email is considered part of that ‘recorded information’. Read full blog »

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