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Bryn Sage has spent his career in the IT industry, beginning as a computer engineer in 1981. In 1986, he joined STORM and progressed through the company to the position of Sales Director in 1994. He was appointed to the Board of InTechnology plc in July 2000, taking up the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2008.

NHS plc

Bryn Sage - COO - InTechnology

Bryn Sage of InHealthcare discusses the recent Salisbury moisturiser news story in relation to NHS reforms. The reforms are allowing companies such as InHealthcare to step in and help NHS partners not just save money, but also to develop services that can then be shared with other trusts, creating a revenue stream. Read full blog »

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Consumer Electronics Show 2013

Bryn Sage - COO - InTechnology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place last week, showcasing the most innovative and promising technology products of the coming year to an audience of the tech world’s elite with an exciting number of gadgets focusing on personal health and fitness monitoring. Read full blog »

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Telehealth can relieve pressure on the NHS – while improving patient care

Bryn Sage - COO - InTechnology

Even at the best of times, the NHS has a heavy burden of responsibility to shoulder. With the global economic crisis showing little sign of abating, this vast and complex organisation is being forced to find ways to deliver better, more efficient services at the very time it’s expected to make unprecedented cuts. Read full blog »

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Getting to the heart of Telehealth

Bryn Sage - COO - InTechnology

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) released its findings on the results of the Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD) randomised control trial of telehealth services today. The headline finding was that “Telehealth can reduce deaths and emergency hospital care, but estimated cost savings are modest”. Read full blog »

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10 reasons the government should use a managed service provider

Bryn Sage - COO - InTechnology

A new report by the government’s public administration committee has found that an “obscene amount of public money” is being wasted on IT. The report, “Government and IT – A Recipe For Rip-Offs: Time For A New Approach” warns that the government will be “doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past” if it does not learn to be more “intelligent” in its dealings with IT suppliers. Read full blog »

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